Monday, 31 August 2009


Welcome to 'cotton candy and cupcakes ♥'

This blog was created for the soul purpose of getting my opinions across.

So, let me introduce myself, My name is B♥ and I am an 18 year old 'do-nothing' that's right, I do nothing.

I am currently recovering from an illness of my mind, which unfortunately forced me to leave Reading Festival 2009 before the festivities had even begun. So I'm going to be putting my efforts into this.
I live in a nice victorian house with my parents and two cats, 'Little Cat' and 'Garfield' who were both rescued from being strays.
I'm not rich, I'm not poor, I get by. Money comes and money goes, that's just life. I don't believe in the intense importance of material possessions...
Life is about love, and being happy.
Fashion is a massive part of my life, but I'm not one of those materialistic prissy girls, I see fashion and style as an art and a history, not something to conform to or to follow.

I have no regrets in my life, because if you didn't make mistakes, how would you ever learn anything?
I recently finished studying for a BTEC National Diploma in Photography, but I'm still not sure what direction I want to go in with regards to my career. I'm not going to University, it's just not for me.
I got B's and C's in most of my GCSE's, but if I'm honest I never quite reached my full potential in school.
I'm not much of a party girl, drinking's not my thing. I like the dressing up part though, of course.

I may only be 18 years old, but I've learnt a lot in my short years on this planet.
- Nobody is ever as cool as they appear to be.
- Dreams can come true, you just have to believe in them enough.
- Love is the strongest emotional feeling, ever.
- The mind is the strongest weapon any living person has and it can be used both to help and to damage.

Anyway, welcome to my blog, and I hope you enjoy reading about what I have to say about fashion, and life, and existence in general.

Make sure you tell all your friends about this.

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