Sunday, 13 September 2009

13 13 13, lucky 13.

So... I have been having a little trouble keeping up with myself haven't I?

I'm going to make some skirts and dresses tomorrow... here's what I've got to work with:

Black PVC
Not too sure what I'm going to do with the PVC yet... I'm more for the leather right now... but it has got a little stretch to it, so it's workable.
White PVC
Trashy-chic to the max! But I somehow love that trailer trash, white trash kind of look. I'm sure I'll think of something to make!
Purple PVCBit too on the goth side for my liking, and not in the pretty lacey gothic way... Not a clue what to do with it so if you've got any orders then let me know!
Floral Vintage
This is so so so lush and it's super stretchy too! I'm going to make a high waisted skirt, and maybe a few in other sizes to sell, and maybe a dress? But once it's gone, it's gone *sigh* that's the only downside...
Red Floral VintageI bought this a while ago from an antique store in Alston, Northumberland, but haven't yet used it... Probably skirts or something again, this is also rather stretchy but mostly 2 way stretch rather than 4 way.

I also still have yet to find an occasion to wear my massive cow print bow...
And my pink sequin minnie-mouse ears... These are so rad.
Things I Am Loving Right Now:
Costumes!Such as this one from Fredericks of Hollywood [$49] Superwoman all the way, this is so hot!
And this one, also Fredericks of Hollywood [$49] Always loving a bit of the nautical, sexy sailor girl!

Full Petticoats as Outerwear
[photo by MichelleXStar, model Loriel Andrea], I just love it, the more vintage and see through the better! It's so fairytale clashed with a hooker!

And last, but certainly not least!
Improvisational Fashion
Such as this bubble wrap bondage meets 80's dance star style! [photo by JadePhotography, model RLYoung]

So... That's your daily intake of Vitamin B ♥, tara for now, until next time! Oh and watch out for tomorrows blog, it's gonna have a lot of awesome make up on it! Stay tuned!

Peace, Love and Hyperactivity ♥♥♥

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