Tuesday, 1 September 2009

♥♥♥ Florence Welch ♥♥♥

My god, I am well and truly, utterly and completely, in love with this woman.
She is the epitome of perfection, well as close as can be.

I can't believe I missed her at Reading Festival, well I missed the whole of Reading Festival due to illness, but she was set to be the highlight of my year.

Her music is amazing, her voice gives me goosebumps, and it's not often that a singer's voice is as good, if not better, live than on disc!

Florence Welch, born 28th August, turned 22 whilst at Reading Festival, and was even so kind as to share her birthday cake :]

Flo's the kind of girl this blog is about, she obviously doesn't 'follow' fashion, she makes ART, and she does it well.

She seems so down to earth, fame hasn't changed her, it doesn't even seem to have set in yet how huge she has become.

Effortlessly cool, in her witchy way, high waisted skirt, white cropped tee, and studded leather ankle boots, lace and leather, and she makes it look amazing. Flo's style is very 'fairytale', and fits with her voice perfectly. The best way to describe her, is purely magical!


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