Monday, 7 September 2009

Good Morning, Good Evening and Good Night...

S.DarkoSo... Last night I watched the second 'Donnie Darko' film, that is all about his sister Samantha. It's called 'S.Darko'. It's pretty cool, obviously it's got nothing on the original. I've got to say though, Samantha has the most amazing clothes in it, tres cool, she's very hippie, fairy-esque. And her friend, Corey, although not my style [a little more towards the goth scene], also looks very chic. Still worth a watch, if only for the clothes! Below I've found you guys all the best advertising images and on-set stills from the film :]

Temper Trap
Sweet Disposition... has anyone heard this one yet? It's divine. I think it's also on a commercial for '500 Days Of Summer' or something? I'm very much in love with this song, it's got a very dreamy feel to it. If you haven't heard it, google it right now and have a listen!

Prairie Dresses
These seem to have caught my attention lately, very flowy and romantic. I'm really feeling longer length dresses aswell, it's not all about the legs. Sometimes mystery is a lot more sexy than skin.
Cartoon Style
Things that are just so ridiculously over the top, but fabulous at the same time. Most people don't have the guts to wear stuff like this, but I love it. Fashion is art.

Reminds me of my childhood, and it's "back in fashion" apparently. But I've kind of always loved this stuff...

Fairy Rings
These have always been a love of mine. My mother told me that if you step inside a fairy ring the fairies will come and take you away, and you'll never return, and she'd tell me not to step in them. So every time my family weren't looking, I'd step into them and just wait, but nothing ever happened...

I've made a list of things to buy to furnish my house when I have it, I'll add some more now and then but for now this is the list:
Lava Lamps

Wind Chimes

Antique Boxes, preferably damaged

Antique Suitcases

Fairy Lights - everywhere

Art, mostly my own

Birds or Butterflies, suspended from the ceiling as if in flight

And finally, Flowers

Peace, Love and Tenderness ♥

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