Wednesday, 16 September 2009

love la la la love...

Hi guys, bit late once again but I've been busy creating :]

I've been a bit of an addict on the old eBay recently. Here's my most recent purchases...
I absolutely love this watch necklace, it's false, it doesn't actually tell the time it's always at 5 minutes to 4, but I love it nonetheless!
This is also so cute, it has hearts all round the edges of the main black heart aswell, very gothic, but not gothy.
Gold sequin fabric. This is lovely, very thick, so it will keep me warm as I plan to make some high waisted hotpants out of it!

I also bought some more paper flowers, because I absolutely love them. Flowers are great, but fake ones last forever so they're even better :]
I bought them in black.
Cream with gold glitter.
And pink and gold.

So what's happening in my style mind right now?
I'm loving built up shoulders, I've always loved a bit of the 'puff sleeve' but have never been able to buy anything where it's extreme, and now it seems I can! Silver dress with built up shoulders. Black top with built up shoulders.
LacingLilith - these are the cutest little sleeves ever!
Spiral Stitching - I am in awe of these, if I had the sewing ability I would definately make some...
Maybe I should invest in a costume making course?
I'm just so in love with structure, these skirts remind me of something architectural, I'd do anything for just one of them!
This is by Freyagushi and it's amazing.
This is also by Freyagushi, similar but in black, and I love the androgynous look of the model.
This is simply amazing, by Diamond Fox, very Victorian-Edwardian Sex Goddess! I'd kill for this! [not literally... well maybe]

Well I promised you some make-up looks so here they are...
This looks so cool, like gold leafing but on her face.
I wonder how long this took to do? It's so precisely done!

Buttons. Sticking to our creative theme.
This is fantastic! She's crying rainbows! Imagine the kind of gold there'd be at the end of that!

Glitterati lips.

Paint splattered lips.
Awesome eyelashes and crafty little bits.
Super colourful and, again, very craft-tastic!
I'm loving a bit of the glossy eye right now!
These eyelashes are magical, like spiders legs, the big scary ones the size of rats.

That's all for today folks, until we meet again...

Peace, Love and Create Juices! ♥♥♥

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  1. Sweet blog. I love the gold sequin fabric exactly how it's laid out: as a potential sari. Looks good no matter what.

    And I'm sure it took Erin hours and hours and hours to place all those sequins on the model's face!