Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Mmmmhmmm :]

So it's fashion week right.
I found a few outfits I love from this years NY and some oldies too for you guys to all have a butchers at...

Adam Lippes NYFW

Betsey Johnson NYFW

Christian Suriano NYFW

Herve Leger NYFW

Marc Jacobs NYFW rockin' the underwear as outerwear!

Ralph Rucci NYFW

Red Or Dead LFW 1991

Red Or Dead LFW 1996

Alexander McQueen LFW 1997

Key words for this week fashion wise are...
Angel Sleeves
Prairie and Tea Dresses
and Gothic.

I'm really loving frilly skirts, chiffon, tulle and tutu's at the moment, they're so so pretty and the fabric always looks so gorgeous.
Here's a few of my fave's...

[Unlikelyukreations] I love this, it's so hap-hazard and artsy.

[Meagan Breen] This has such a radical shape to it, very flattering and very unusual.

This is fairly simple but I'm in love with it, it's like a modern petticoat.

[Lee Radcliffe] This has so much texture and colour in it, with a wedding feel.

This is just goddamn hot! Short, skimpy, sexy, but somehow still cute!

[Unlikelyukreations] How awesome is this? Massive volume, and again quite hap-hazard but in a somehow organised way?

I absolutely adore this skit! It's got flowers sewn into it which just makes it that little bit more magical!

This is sensational, I love it, gold, bold and with a lot of fold.

I love bell sleeves and angel sleeves right now, how stunning do they look in this image!

Big hair and hap-hazard fringes are very me right now I just love them.
Check out these images I found...

Awesome diagonal fringe, very much like the one I had during my school years.

This big hair is fantastic, using simply 2 hair bands, very messy and cool.

Big pink hair, which fits me perfectly. This is the colour my hair is at the moment.

Big white afro, just amazing.

Very artsy, big hair with babies in it, I suppose this is pregnant hair? :]

Big, blonde, and very 80's.

Straight across fringe, although I prefer them to be more jagged, this is still very hot.

So that's todays blog folks, see you soon :]
Peace, Love and Peanuts xxx

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