Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Things that make me go MMMMH ♥

A brief look into the things that are turning me on right now...
Florence Welch - of Florence and the machine.
Do I even need to explain why? ♥

They look amazing, they taste fantastic
and they're always been so cute!

Glitter and Pink
Barbie is hot, and what's more
barbie than pink and glitter?!

Sequin High Waist Shorts
Because showgirls and circus folk
are the future.

Sequin Bra's or Underwear-as-Outerwear
Why not? Why should we waste our sexiest
garments hidden away under clothes?

Leather and PVC
There's just something so hot about it.

Sequins in General
All that glitters, doesn't have to be gold,
as long as it glitters!

Gold and anything Trashy
Trash and tack, because nobody else does it.

Frilly Panties on Nights Out
As hot pants, not knickers!

Huge Hair Bows
Because cute, is the new sexy.

Fascinators and Mini Top Hats
Because burlesque is fantastic!

Disney Ears
Still on the subject of hair adornments
and the ones I bought were of course,
pink and sequined!

Mac Glitter Pigments
I'm definately turning into a magpie...
These are fantastic, glittery eyelids ♥
Lace and Witchery
Channelling Flo's style on stage.
Because it's not quite goth,
and it's so, so magical.

That's all for todays turn ons :]

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Peace, Love and Magic ♥

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  1. Hi I was wondering where you bought those pink mouse ears!! I will buy them from you i really need them for halloween and I can not find them anywhere!! please email me back! elle.lynn.dudley@gmail.com