Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Thoughts for this morning...

Victoria Christina Hesketh, 25
She's so pretty! I'm not a fan of her music if I'm honest, it's not really 'my thing' but she's just so pretty, and youthful looking!

Back to sequin hot pants, I found these the other day, sold out in topshop and now out of my price range, but they are just divine!!!

Florence Welch, 22
She's so... normal. Well, my view of normal which is based on how my own mind works, god knows what the rest of you think. Below is an excerpt from an interview NME magazine did with her. It shows that there's hope for people like me yet, the undriven, hard-to-concentrate, away-with-the-fairies types :]
I'd love to meet her, I honestly think we'd get on quite well!

"I used to get told off for singing at school. I have a bad memory and I’m unfocused but the one thing I always remember is songs. That’s why I love making music. I bumble about a bit, though. I’m not that driven. But as long as I can do gigs I’ll be happy.
"I take a dressing-up box on tour. My most outlandish outfit was one I wore for my last date at the Brixton Academy. I wore a turquoise mini dress, and the only thing holding it together was a magnet. But it broke halfway through the gig. Luckily I was wearing a pair of sparkly pants and a T-shirt underneath, so I thought f**k it.
"I ended up running around Brixton Academy, semi-naked in a pair of pants and a tee.
I am ruled by my emotions. I’m prone to blind panic, being really overjoyed, or if I’m depressed, I literally can’t move. My album channelled my heartbreak after breaking up with my boyfriend. At the time I was striving to take my mind off it, but I’m back together with him now."

On a more sombre note, a young man of 22 was shot dead before 9pm last night in the Lewsey Farm area of Luton, it's on the front page of sky news UK. It still shocks me that there are people out there capable of taking life from another person. I couldn't even consider it realistically. It brought my thoughts back to the two poor men who lost their lives this year by disturbingly being cut up or decapitated. What sick, sick people there are in this world.[RIP]

Back with happier thoughts, seeing as how I'm incapable of doing much outside of my house currently, I've decided that this week I am going to create a magical, fairytale birdcage using a birdcage I was given by my granny.
It currently looks like this...
And I plan to crackle paint it white or off-white, and decorate it with flowers and doves, glitter and eventually, a pair of fairies.
So today I have been to HobbyCraft and bought a lot of wedding decorations, flowers, glitter, little white doves... etc and spent just over £25 [oops!] but it should look lovely once I'm finished. I'm so excited to create something magical! I love art.
I'll put some pictures up tomorrow if I can get my hands on a camera as I've left mine at the boyfriends!

That's all for the early afternoon guys, peace, love and magic ♥

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