Saturday, 5 September 2009

Well, well, well...

This post is actually September 5th's post, but I clicked save instead of post, sorry guys!

I think I need a dreamcatcher... I keep having really odd dreams? I was with myself in my own dream last night, but in my dream the other me was a completely blank person with no proper body, clothes or face? How odd...

I've woken up with an obsession for shoes, mmmmh.

Here's a little look into the shoes that are on my wishlist right now...

Yummy shoe boots ♥

These pink platforms are so hot!!!

I'm absolutely loving art themed shoes right now, I'd love a pair if my bank balance was a bit larger...Cage themed shoes are also a massive lust for me right now, these two pairs are absolutely devine!!!

And I saw this skirt on the web... definately on the hot list, still into the sequins as you can see haha.

I'm so glad Sophie [aka Dogface] won Big Brother 10! She's fantastic, she looks like the sort of 'glamour' girl you'd avoid, the kind where all she cares about is looks... But you should never judge someone on looks, because she's so funny, so down to earth and just a normal, up for a laugh with the girls or the lads kind of girl, she definately deserved to win! It's a shame the prize fund was just under £30,000 less than it should have been but I'm sure the housemates had fun lowering it aha!

I've noticed in the last year long socks have come into fashion a lot more, it's made me remember when I started college and I was walking down the road with a vintage skirt and some long socks mid-winter and an elderly woman came up to me and said how much she loved my socks and that 'it's such a good idea' because I can then still wear skirts but not be cold. I love the elderly, I really do!

Peace, Love and That Funny Feeling In Your Stomach When You're Excited! ♥ ♥ ♥

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  1. Hi, where did you get those socks? They are super cute.