Thursday, 29 October 2009


I’m desperately looking to buy a pair of Von Zipper Giggles sunglasses in tortoiseshell / gold. Yummy! How hot are these?

I’m loving velvet, even though the boyfriend hates it. I desperately wanted this dress a while ago but sadly the price went out of my range. It’s the cutest little dress I’ve seen in ages!

I was also desperate for this beauty, but again it sold out of my price range, it’s just so cute though I love Victoriana style prairie dresses

Also loving this dress from that features sculpted shoulders and sequin sleeves.

Also on ASOS is this adorable cage skirt, which I’m going to have to buy!

I found a while ago on eBay this vintage beauty with padded shoulder and fringing, I fell in love but unfortunately could not afford.

Enough about fashion for now while I’m poor.

A bit about cars?

Chalkboard paint is a must.

As is matte paint colours, and hey check out how cool the trailer is on this, it’s a Polo Bready cut in half [RIP].

Of course retro bikes are a must, like this ratlook beaut.

Mine on the other hand is a Raleigh Stowaway circa somewhere between 1950 and 1970 in deep metallic green. Just like this stunner.

The last note I’m going to leave you with is this

Because how damn cute is that! :]

Peace, Love and Sherbet Pips… xxx

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