Monday, 16 November 2009

Not much

Well it's a short post today, I don't have too much to say really...
I thought I'd guide you through my last few make up purchases...
I bought this Urban Decay eyeshadow quite a while back, I use it all the time! The shade is Goddess.
This is also Urban Decay and again I use it all the time, have had it for a while now, the shade is Asphyxia.
The two most recent Urban Decay eyeshadows are Narcotic, which is matte turqoise.
And Purple Haze, which is matte purple.
This is my Dior Addict lipcolour I purchased, Fashionable Plum.
I also bought this cute heart pendant necklace off eBay, it has a compartment inside it to store pictures etc.
I'm looking to buy some more geek glasses...
I'm loving right now the tortoiseshell...
And Half Frames.
Well that's all for today... See you all again soon you sexy people!

Peace Love and Happiness x o x

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