Wednesday, 25 November 2009


I've found two images recently that I really like, something about them just stands out to me so I thought I'd share with you.

Other than that, I got linked from facebook to a store called Nasty Girl and found a few cool items of clothing so thought I'd also share those with you also, here they are!

Lacey crochet shawl.

Lacey star mesh dress.

Heart printed acid wash skinny jeans.

Mesh A-line dress.

Mesh cut out bodycon dress.

Glitter top.

Big shouldered pocket dress.

Cage sleeve dress.

Buttons and suspenders dress.

And I've been absolutely desperate for a pair of Maison Michel bunny or mouse ears, preferably the mouse ones, after I saw them on the Olsen twins, I'd prefer them without the face veil though. How amazingly adorable are these?
Update: I just found a DIY for these babies so thought I'd share

That's all for today folks, tune in soon!

Peace, Love and Blood

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  1. So beautiful and sexy dress!! thanks for sharing ! i also have a similar one and i got it from here.both the price and quality are wonderful.maybe you will interesting~