Wednesday, 18 November 2009


I'm still obsessive over vintage puffy and angel sleeved dresses, here's my pick of some gorgeous ones.

This deep blue one is gorgeous and floor length.

I absolutely adore this one, with the floral details it's so hippy and natural, unfortunately it's out of my price range.

This peach delight has such frilly cute sleeves I love it!

Now this is a must have, massive angel sleeves, I'd kill for this in black or cream!

This black number is a stunner.

And I love this cutesy little 60's dress.

Another black number, very sexual.

This creamy peachy delight is a lovely length.

This mod style angel sleeve dress is amazing.

And last but by no means least, this cute puffy turqoise dress.

I'm still in love with vintage bustier's aswell, check these ones out!

Lace and beaded cups, this one is a stunner.

Beaded gold and black, very circus style.

This pearly beaded number is tres cute!

I love floaty things and this wedding dress is amazing, I'd wear it shopping for sure!

Cut away dresses, this one is immensely rad.

As is this cage style one, with a low back
This party frock is gorgeous, I love the cut away back!

Speaking of cut away backs, this pastel dress is stunning.

I love nautical style still and this sailor dress is overly cute!
Still with the shoulder details, this padded shoulder studded dress is gorgeous.

These two velvet numbers are on my wishlist...

...As are these two cutesy dresses!
And these amazing slouch boots.
Love this fur hooded jacket, faux of course.
Double jointed knees, I'm not the only one, this model also has backwards bending knees! I think it looks very sexual.
Neon blue eyes, I've been rocking these on and off for a couple of years now, they really suit brown and amber eyes!
So it's been a long post and I'm sure you must all be tired, so take a nap and relax while you wait for my next installation...

Peace, Love and Fashion xox

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